Sunderland Ranch is a working ranch established over forty years ago by Wick & Candy Sunderland. After selling their cattle business in Homer Alaska, they purchased this agricultural parcel at a borough auction sight unseen. What a lesson in faith! They had truly found where they were called to be.

While clear-cutting and building barns and structures, they also built a solid set of values that are carried on by generations to follow. God, family, love and hard work are foundations that the Sunderland Ranch still stands on today. You will chuckle as you hear Wick tell the stories of his Alaskan adventures while he manages many of the day-to-day farm tasks. Candy, in all her warmth brings a sense of belonging to arriving guests.

Their son Sloan & his wife Katie have brought new energy to the Ranch as they have broadened the vision to include agritourism, developed cattle and elk herds, and continued production of hay while securing a neighboring farm. The ranch now boasts a trail riding business and kids horse camps. They are raising their children to follow in the footsteps of the family legacy cherished by all. 



The first time I walked on the Ranch I was nineteen.  I was suddenly consumed by the by the bright green of summer, the freshness of the air, and the brilliance of the mountains.

As I took in all the goodness of the ranch, I realized that I was hooked.  Now, nineteen years later I still feel the same when spring emerges from the blankets of snow that cover the fields.

As the animals shed their winter coats, I too shed my cozy blanket and book, and pull on my cowgirl boots and remember to breathe deeply and enjoy the wonder and beauty that is the Sunderland Ranch.

Have you ever just wanted to escape? To shut off the phones and the schedules and all the noise?  Here at the Sunderland Ranch the only thing that you will need to schedule is what time to meet your wrangler. Let us take care of the details and relax in the peaceful atmosphere.  We can’t wait for you to meet our charming wranglers!  Saddle up for a ride out to the old sheep cabin or just cruise around the ranch.