We love it here. You will, too!

Welcome to our ranch. Once you are here, you're family!

Our Story

We are a third-generation homesteading and ranch family, born and raised on the foothills of Lazy Mountain in Palmer, Alaska. Our family purchased the raw land for this ranch back in the early 80s. Since then, we have been working the land and creating our dream of being a home away for B&B guests, horse clinics, or folks looking to have a rustic event. Our home is yours. Welcome.

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Meet Our Family

Owning and operating our family ranch is a family affair.

Katie Sunderland

B&B Operator and Owner

Katie Sunderland, ranch owner and B&B operator, wears many hats on the ranch. From wrangling the kids to wrangling the cattle, Katie also finds time to run the B&B, work off-ranch, and get out for trail rides.

Elijah Sunderland

Wrangler, Ranch Hand and Trail Guide

Born and raised on Sunderland Ranch, Elijah knows the ins and outs of the ranch, from feeding the elk to being the lead ranch hand and trail guide. Trust Elijah to know the answers to any questions about the ranch.

Sloan Sunderland


The second generation of this third-generation homestead ranch, Sloan continues in his father’s footsteps to cultivate the property to keep the cattle, horse, and elk operation going.

Avalia Sunderland

Little Host and Farm Help

Precocious and enthusiastic, Avalia is willing to show anyone the livestock, take you on a tour, or hang out and talk. She is the best little host on our ranch.

Talan Sunderland

Farm Hand

Whether mucking stalls or feeding animals, Talan can be found in the shadow of his big brother Elijah.


Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending my church campout at Sunderland Ranch. It was such a great experience! The view is gorgeous! The activities were set up for us and run in a timely, efficient manner. All the kids enjoyed guided horse rides and had the BEST time! My situation was also a little complicated because I camped with a broken leg and on crutches ... but I was still able to get around the property easily, and when it was more difficult, they allowed someone to drive me or they carted me around in a side by side. I would definitely suggest using them for a fun summer getaway. Thanks again, Sunderland Ranch!
Kinsey McGee WardSatisfied Event Customer